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Mute File Sharing is a P2P client that has a main feature that it protects the privacy of the downloads. Try MUTE File Sharing and share your files


Share files with maximum privacy

May 24, 2010
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The governments and other authorities of all the countries in the world are trying to eradicate P2P networks by fining those users that use them to share files. The majority of clients for this kind of network are very effective when it comes to finding and downloading all kinds of files, but they hardly protect our privacy.

Share files privately

MUTE File Sharing is a tool that uses a new technology, known as ACO (Ant Colony Optimization), that is based on how ant behave when it comes to establishing routes and creating paths, and that avoid that we can have any legal repercussion due to the fact of downloading from a P2P or F2F network.

In all other regards, it is a rather normal download client, with a somewhat sober interface, that allows us to show files, download them, manage a list of friends and configure our connection.

If you wanted a download client for the MUTE (P2P and F2F) network, that is simple yet effective, download MUTE File Sharing and test it.

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